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I hope this page is helpful to those of you who are trying to make your own Spidey Suit.  It's a lot a hard work (LOL).  You'll spend hours and hours working on it, but it's also a lot of fun.   Best of luck.


I've been getting lots of questions about making suits.  I'll try answer a few of the more common question.

                            Spidey4fun Suits

    1.  The   zipper  runs down the side across the back under the belt and back up the other side.  
    2.  I've made suits with a detachable mask or as a 1 piece suit... 1 piece looks better but 2 piece allows for a break.
    3.  Nothing else is detachable. 
    4.  I don't sell raised urethane webbing.
    5.  I've used  a few different method for the shoe.


I'm looking to find out about silk screening the brick patterns. Is it a
case that one buys the fabric with the pattern already present, or that you
have to get it put on, or that potentially you can do either?


Most suit makers have the fabric screen printed.  They purchase blue and red lyrca and have a darker colour printed onto the fabric to give the brick pattern.  I don't know of any fabric available with a brick pattern printed on it.  I use a process called dye-sublimation.  The lycra has the entire pattern  printed directly onto it.  The pattern and colours become part of the fabric. 


Hi, I saw your website and was wondering if you can
help me make a spidey costume with details and the muscle inner layin.


I'd like to say just do ABC, but the truth is it's a lot of work.  I spent 100's of hours working in Photoshop b4 I was even close to happy with my pattern. And it didn't help any that I'd never used Photoshop before.  I asked almost this exact question to a fellow spidey fan in early 2004.  He said the same thing I'm going to say to you;  Learn Photoshop.  After you have a pattern you're happy with you'll next have to get the colours right.  That's a whole more bunch of testing there as well.  So best of luck.





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